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Telluride Floral Design for special events, interiors, weddings, and more....

Emily and her husband, Morgan, moved to Telluride in 2013 and are so grateful of all that life offers in this magical place.  After designing floral arrangements for a number of weddings and private events over the years, then being hired as the Florist for Telluride Film Festival, Emily decided to turn this passion into a business. Emily's work has now been published in publications such as Rocky Mountain Bride, Martha Weddings, Couture Colorado, and Magnolia Rouge Magazine. Bridal Veil Floral designs and delivers floral arrangements, with flowers carefully sourced - primarily from local farms in Colorado.  Specializing in all things from fresh weekly deliveries for local businesses and private homes, special events, weddings, and more.


This is Bridal Veil Floral.

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